Property Tax Self Assesment – Unpaid property tax to be collected from source in June.

The Revenue Commissioners will begin deducting estimates of property tax from payroll or social welfare payments of people who have refused to pay the charge at the end of June.

There are many homeowners who are worried about and unsure of the process for calculating how much property tax they should pay. The new local property tax is based on the market value of each dwelling on May 1st 2013. Visit –

Property owners are responsible for declaring which valuation band their home falls into as at May 1st 2013. Revenue have provided an online mapping tool to help people value their property but they will not provide a valuation for each house in the country. The online tool is not meant to be used to accurately value a property, it is only to be used as a guide to help you assess the value yourself. The revenue estimate is based on average values in the area

The valuation at May 2013 will hold for 3 years until there is a revaluation in November 2013.